Here you'll find all you need to know about the Tappa app!

With the Tappa app, its easy for you to get an overview of your steps and activities - everything to motivate you to your personal activity goal. The built-in pedometer automatically transfers your steps to the competition and works on iPhone (5s and later) as well as on most Android phones.

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This is how it works

Tappa app - Create an account
Create an account

Do you need to create a new account? Then you can create one directly in our app. Tap on "Create account" and fill in your details.

Tappa app - Join a competition
Join a competition

Tap on "Challenges" in the menu to enter your start code. Then the competition will appear on the same page.


Tappa app - Start slide 1
Start - slide 1

Here you see today's total steps, how many bonus challenges you have accepted and your active minutes.

Tappa app - Start slide 1
Start - slide 2

By swiping left, you will get an overview of your success in the challenge you participate in. You see your step average and the team's step average. You also see how many steps you have taken in total in the challenge and how many badges you have collected during the challenge. .

Tappa app - Start slide 3
Start - slide 3

If you swipe left again, you will get to the overview of your total success.

Tappa app - Latest events
Latest events

All messages are collected here so that you get a simple overview.

Tappa app - Change challenge
Change challenge

If you participate in more than one challenge at the same time, you can easily switch between them.

Tappa app - Activities

Here you can register all steps, activities, challenges and sick days. Choose which day and then tap on "Report".

Tappa app - Challenge

Get an overview of your own success, your team or department with charts and statistics. In the team overview, you can see a summary of your team and each team member's average. You can also create teams inside the app and add or remove team members.

Tappa app - Settings

here you can turn off the automatic step transfer, delete that account and log out.

Create teams

Select challenge

1. Select "Challenge" in the menu at the bottom.

Create team

2. Scroll down, under "My team" press "Create team".

Enter team name

3. Select the team name and press "Save".

Add team members

4. Search for members and add to the team.

Manage team

5. To make adjustments or add members afterwards, press "edit".